Three pocket-sized pets that are safe for children to own

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Cats and dogs are not the only option for pets. If you feel your children are ready for a pet, you can choose from a variety of options these days. There are many reasons to choose small pets. They are easier to hold and to look after. The pocket-sized pets listed here are safe for your children to own.

Sugar Gliders

These are one of the oldest pocket-sized pets that are safe for children to own. Sugar gliders are members of the marsupial family and are originally from Australia. They are cute and cuddly and your children will love them! They only weigh six ounces and are very low maintenance. They love their owners, love to be held, and can learn tricks too.


This is one pet that won’t run away from your children. Turtles are great to have in the house and they love all the attention. You can pick a box turtle for your child since they have colorful designs and patterns on their shells. It’s very attractive for kids. Be aware that these turtles are picky eaters.

Fennec Foxes

These foxes are really tiny – weighing just two to three pounds. They look like small foxes but they have really big ears like Yoda! They are full of energy and need to be active every day. They are voracious diggers and may run away of they are not on a leash. They don’t do well with very children.


Remember that you and your child must be thorough about caring for the animal and responsible to take them to the vet for regular checkups and treatments.


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