This Racoon Really Wants To Get In

Source: YouTube

Some guests just cannot take a hint! This little guy is outside knocking to get in and he doesn’t realise he is just not welcome. Maybe it is because he looks like a little thief, or maybe it is because he stares at the cat.

Whatever the reason, it is clear he is not going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

If he doesn’t get in, we wouldn’t mind bringing him into our home. He is an absolute beauty. Racoons are beautiful animals and ones we definitely have a soft spot.

Looking at this guy, it is easy to see why. He is definitely a welcome house guest in our home. Well, that is as long as he promises to behave himself while at the dinner table.

We hear he has a little bit of a reputation, but we are happy to overlook that.


Watch here:

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