The Consequences of Letting Your Pet Become Obese

Source: Bend Pet Express

Pet health is very near and dear to our hearts. Pet health issues aren’t just injuries or accidents; they also include things like obesity.

While it may not seem dangerous for your pet to pack on a few more pounds, in reality obesity is a gateway to many problematic health issues. Just like in humans, obesity raises the risks of many different types of health conditions.

One of the most immediate and obvious effects of obesity in pets is decreased energy and stamina.

As your pet grows to unhealthy weights, it taxes your animal’s typical movements. Things like jumping up onto a usual chair or running up the stairs might one day be noticeably more difficult, until eventually perhaps your pet can’t do many of things it used to be able to do with ease. While aging justifies some weight gain, obesity can have a very serious effect on the lifespan of your pet.

Obese pets are more likely to have respiratory issues, joint issues, temperature tolerance, and liver disease.

If you notice your pet starting to look or act unhealthy, an important solution is routine exercise. A long walk can be a big positive; routine exercise allows your pet to keep its physical health. Watch for weight gain. Do not think you are doing your pet a favors by giving it treats. Letting your pet eat as much as it likes is not a healthy routine. The more it eats, the more it will want. In reality, you may be contributing to overeating and obesity. Preventing obesity is much more responsible. Your pet will thank you.

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