Palomino horse saves its rider from a ferocious dog attack in Australia


We usually hear how dogs are loyal and how they would easily put their lives on the line for their owners. But this is the story of a Palomino horse that showed bravery and sacrifice in the line of duty when he saved his owner from the attack of a ferocious dog. This story took place in a small town of Linton located in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria.

The state of Victoria is the country’s most densely populated area. A woman in her 50s was riding her Palomino horse along Lover’s Lane when a dog started to viciously attack her by pulling her leg. She was eventually pulled out of the saddle.

But the heroic Palomino horse was not going to let this vicious mutt get away with it.  Not without a good fight.  The loyal horse then responded by desperately trying to protect her and was bitten by the dog as well.

The horse finally managed to chase the dog and even chased him away from the attacked lady. This heroic act proves that horses can also be loyal to their owners. In fact, research has shown that horses are able to remember acts of kindness and that they also have the ability to develop a strong bond with their caretaker.

The ambulance arrived at the scene where they found the lady and her horse.  She was taken to Ballarat Base Hospital with injuries to her leg but in stable condition.  The horse was later looked at by a veterinarian and its wounds on its neck were stitched.

Leading Senior Constable, Tony Walker, notified the residents to contact authorities if they spotted a possibly rabid dog.  The owner of the dog was later spotted and the dog’s fate placed in hands of the authorities.

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