Kennedy Airport offers amenities at The Ark

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Airports usually offer luxurious amenities for travelers who have the will and money to pay for it. It is a much better experience than sitting on a cold bench waiting for your flight for 3 hours. Now, the Kennedy Airport offers these same services not only to humans but to pets.

Last month, the Ark opened at the JFK terminal.  This place offers first-class treatment for pet owners who can afford it.  The services that the Noah’s-ark-inspired space offer go from basic to luxurious.  This facility is the world’s first 24-hour animal terminal. The Ark is of private ownership.

The first phase of the animal terminal has been completed.  To this point, it includes an Equine & Livestock Export Center and Aviary In-Transit Quarantine.  There is a section known as the ARK Pet Oasis, which includes veterinary care for all animals.

At phase one, with phases two and three to go, the place is amazing and it offers a comfortable place “to make your pet feel even more at home.”

In the future, the Ark will include climate-controlled stalls for horses and cows as well as human-sized beds for dogs with cameras for owners to monitor. Dogs will also get the celebrity treatment with private suites with flat-screens, massage therapy, and a T-bone-shaped swimming pool.

This will be known as Paradise 4 Paws, a 20,000-square-foot pet resort that will also include a spa, training center for dogs and cats, massage therapy, a jungle for cats, and “pawdicures with colored nail pawlish”.

The first air terminal for animals is set to receive any animal in transit.

A press release by the Ark administrators stated that phases two and three, which are expected to be finished this summer, will “include a full veterinary clinic, a veterinary blood laboratory, and pet boarding and grooming facility.”

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