Keeping Reptiles and Amphibians as Pets


Reptiles and amphibians are fascinating animals. They are exotic animals that, unfortunately, many keep without doing research. Unfortunately, very few people know about them.If you are looking for a reptile, there are reptiles for sale online.

Reptiles and amphibians are ectotherms or poikilotherms, meaning that they are not able to control their body temperature and this will depend on the outside. When we were in school, they taught us they are called “cold-blooded” but that is a misnomer since sometimes, reptiles will hold a hot temperature.  Some will even be able to keep themselves warm internally but use a different mechanism than that of birds and mammals.

The body temperature of these animals will depend on the outside environment. When it comes to reptiles, the environmental requirements among species varies greatly.  This means that the heat conditions for a turtle are not the same as those needed for a bearded lizard, a desert species.  However, this kind of knowledge is probably more common than.

Sadly for reptiles and amphibians, the required conditions for them to live comfortably require a higher level of understanding. All sellers and dealers will minimize the amount of information required for each specific species, which, as stated before, varies greatly.

Reptiles seek to have a specific temperature at specific times of the day.  In other words, sometimes they need to be at this temperature, but other times, they need to be at another temperature.  In order for them to achieve this, they need to move to a place where they can find this much needed “microclimate”.  They need a variable environment throughout the day.  Meeting this conditions artificially is pretty hard.

Usually, these conditions are not met and this brings serious metabolic disorders to the animals making them suffer from pain. This cannot be seen by simply looking at the animal and this is the reason why most pet owners will remain oblivious to their “pet’s” suffering. Most reptiles are tubular in shape.  This means that a lamp or two cannot provide the even distribution of heat they require.

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