Is a guinea pig a good pet for your child?

Source: Guinea Pigs

Given the choice between dogs, cats, or guinea pigs for a pet for your child, a guinea pig is always the better option, especially if it the first time for your child to own a pet. It is a big responsibility, obviously, and so, here are a few reasons why guinea pigs are a better bet.

AnchorGuinea pigs are healthy animals.

Of course, you need to tend to them properly. They are prone to dental and bladder related diseases. With proper diet and nutrition and regular checkups with the vet, guinea pigs can remain healthy.

AnchorThey are easy to care for.

All you need to do is keep them and their environment clean and provide food and some daily attention.

  • Clean the cage every day.
  • Give them vitamin C supplement.
  • Provide fresh veggies, water, and hay.

They live longer.

Rats, hamsters and other related rodent family animals live only about 3-4 years. Guinea pigs can live up to 7 years!

AnchorThey have personality.

You may not believe it, but guinea pigs do have some personality. Some are shy, some are aggressive, and others are dominant. Make sure you have your child interact with the guinea pig you intend to buy before you buy one to see which guinea pig matches your child’s temperament and personality. For example, if your child wants to cuddle the guinea pig, then choose a guinea pig that is more social.

AnchorThey purr!

When guinea pigs are gently petted, they make a small yet audible purring sound. It’s adorable and your child will love it!

Guinea pigs are great for children; they are just the right size and not as squeamish as other pets can be. Just as you would with any other pet, when your child is with a guinea pig, they need supervision.

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