Flightsuit Sells Leashettes for Your Pet Bird

Source: Flight Quarters

Anyone with a bird pet knows how difficult it is to enjoy time with your pet out in the open; the bird might fly away and never come back. However, one company is looking to help bird owners bond with their pets while outside the cage. FlightSuit is making leashettes for your pet bird. The leashette is a soft, cleverly disguised, and stretchy reusable bird bodysuit. The body suits come with a leash that attaches to the suit allowing you to walk or fly your bird without the fear that you might lose it. The leashettes are revolutionary accessories that bird owners will appreciate. Here are the things that make it worth the investment

Patented Poop Pouch

One of the worst parts of taking your bird out is that it might poop on you, worse still on your clothing. The leashettes come with a patented poop pouch, and the droppings are kept safely away from the bird. It is best to change the disposable liner every 3 to 5 hours when the bird will be wearing the leashettes.

Easy To Put On and Take Off

The fabric used is easy to clean and is breathable with the fabric stretchy and soft. The design has large wing areas with elastic straps that slide over the wings easily. At the back, there is an opening for the bird’s tail and this is where the body suit closes.

Stylish and Amazing

The suits come in a variety of colors. However, with online shopping you can get the leashette delivered to your home or place of work. They are also the perfect gift for your bird loving friends and family.

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