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If you ask an ecologist or environmentalist, they would probably rule against having any wild animal as a pet. Besides being unpredictable, wild animals have special needs that cannot be met in captivity. When an exotic animal is deprived of the fulfilling of an instinct or kept from satisfying a basic need, it is considered torture.

This is why there are states that regulate and monitor the possession of exotic pets.  Perhaps, you have always wanted to have a monkey or a macaw. Before getting one, you should check your state laws.

Federal Law

It is the obligation of the government to protect wild animals, especially those threatened or in danger of extinction.  There are federal laws in place that govern and regulate the ownership of an exotic animal.

The laws governing all states include names of animals that cannot be possessed as a pet under any circumstance. Regulations include the kind of care you should have for exotic animals, not only to protect yourself and the animal but your neighbors as well.

Banned Animals

Besides the regulations by federal laws, which happen to be of a limited nature, every state has its own regulations for the ownership of exotic animals.

Because of the dangers they might pose to others, some states ban any kind of wild animal from being kept as a pet.  In other states, however, they restrict the possession to certain conditions and only with certain animals.  People must have a permit to have these animals at home.

Some other states do not have any regulation regarding exotics animal pets.

Exotic Pet Bylaws

Exotic Pet Bylaws are enforced differently among states.  This usually follows what each state government considers dangerous and to the kind of wild animals. But that is not always the case.

In Alaska, for example, prohibited animals to own as pets include bears, monkeys, wolves, and other game animals.

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