How can you protect your pet from winter dangers?

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Before the winter comes and brings below zero temperatures with it, you should start thinking about how you should adjust the daily routines of your pet so that it can get through the winter healthy and happy and enjoy the walks in the snow with you.

Think about their Paws

Both dogs and cats have body parts that are especially susceptible to frostbite: ears, paws, and legs. While you can’t actually do much to protect their ears, except making sure they don’t spend too much time out in the cold, you could help them by getting them booties to protect their paws from the cold and de-icers. If you don’t use booties, you need to wash and dry their paws as soon as the walk is over.


Adjust your pet’s diet during the winter

When your pet’s activity levels change, their diet needs to change as well. This is especially true for dogs as they are fonder of snow and love getting outside and running through it. This means that they will burn more energy, thus they will need more calories.

Cats, on the other hand, are not fond of snow, and since most of them will move less during the winter, they burn less energy, thus their diet needs to be adjusted as they need fewer calories. If you are not sure about the amounts of calories per day, consult your vet.

Turn lunch into an exercise

Pets sometimes become lazy at this time of the year, so you need to have a different approach. To motivate them to move more, you can split the meal into a few bowls and spread them around the house and let the pet look for the food. This way, it will get some exercise without having to go outside in the cold.

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