Violinist and parrot make strange double act

Source: Rumble

Simon and Garfunkel, Richards and Jagger, Lennon and McCartney… all brilliant double acts that went down as musical greats. Their styles complimented each other and they were much stronger together than they were apart.

We think we have found another musical double-act to add to that list. This violinist are here harmonious parrot. They combine and are absolutely brilliant. We hope they get the big break they want, although we heard that all Polly the parrot wants is a cracker.

It is a shame, as these two would be guaranteed finalist on any talent show and we reckon it is just a matter of time before they fly into the big time. Be ahead of the crowd and take a look for yourself.


Watch here:

Source: Parrot flies onto violinist's head and sings along by jordana on Rumble

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