Meet Jon, The Adorable Cat Who Helps You Close The Curtains

Source: Rumble

When your cat reaches adulthood don’t be surprised if you lower the level of his mischief a little, he may become more concerned about the order of the place where he is and and it can be like this cat, which closes the curtains of his house to sleep better. This cat takes very seriously the task of helping his owner, he is quite a 2 year old adult who can’t stand the mess and is willing to help his owner in whatever way he can. This is a very tidy and quiet cat, which does not ruin the curtains or furniture, rather does everything possible to take care of the home and especially the curtains. Who wouldn’t want such an efficient pet? Fantastic!

In the video we see how this woman is carrying her two year old cat named Jon in Haslach, Germany. Jon is a charming and helpful cat, his owner has him in her arms to help him reach the curtains so that he can close them himself, as it is time to soothe the hot sun a little and take a nap on the sofa. It’s amazing the harmonious way in which the pet and its owner agree to each do their job perfectly, they are a great team when it comes to closing the curtains of the home, for that and for many more things Jon is very good. Jon is a cat with a lot of character and determined, unlike another cat who only sees what his owner and Jon do. The other cat only thinks about playing, that’s why when Jon touches the curtains the naughty cat throws himself to the floor and hides behind the curtain to play , the little one doesn’t understand that it’s time to sleep and there’s no time to play, Jon will take care of after making him sleep, since it’s his older brother.

With a beautiful melody in the background, Jon does the household chores, he is such a friendly cat and lets himself be loved by everyone, he is not at all a cat that hurts people, he lets himself be carried by people who are willing to give him love. There is nothing more adorable than a loving cat, which you can pet and which he enjoys. Jon likes to have his space like all cats, although he has a quite calm personality, he is a cat that he likes to share with his family, as well as to play with his brother. Each pet has a unique personality and we love them all for who they are, each has that way of captivating us. Pets are such intelligent beings that they would learn anything we set out to teach them. Jon is so visual and intelligent that it is enough to see how he has learned to close the curtains, Congratulations friend! You do an excellent job, his owner and all his family are very proud of him.

Has Jon the cat captivated you? We are sure he knows how to steal the hearts of his viewers, we invite you to share this video with your friends so that their hearts can melt with the adorable Jon. It may be the sweetest thing you see today. Enjoy!

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