Lady Walks Into Her House To Find Her Cat Stuck In A Hole In The Wall

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If you think that cats have it easy, think again. They don’t ask for a lot in life. They want to have their food delivered to them in their favorite bowl at the exact time, and not a nanosecond later. Don’t bother bringing it earlier either because no one wants to eat stale food, alright?!

They also want to sleep wherever they please, and if it just happens to be your face, then don’t bother moving. Taking care of their own business is their job, so the sand in the sandbox is off-limits, don’t even try to sweep it back in – it was meant to be scattered all over your balcony. Other than that, they might want some illegal goodies from time to time, like that catnip toys, but not too often. Yeah, fun times! But let’s get back at the matter at hand. Cats are not high maintenance, so don’t ever try to portray them as something they’re not.

Seriously, it’s hard being a cat these days. Your owner wakes you up after your sixteenth hour of sleep and demands that he give you a tummy scratch, how dare he? Every once in a while, he might even want to play with you, the rudeness of that man! It seems that a cat can’t wind down from her sleep time by laying on the carpet, suddenly, your tail becomes the toy. Incorrigible!

But don’t worry, cats give back as much as they get, and the best way to do it? Play as indifferent as you can, and eventually they will sulk away into their little corner of the sofa. Hmph, that should do it!

Jennifer Brooke had quite an eventful morning when she found her cat, Loki, stuck in the wall in her house. The hilarious clip, filmed March 7 in Montana, shows Loki the house cat dangling in the middle of the wall with his family around him trying to help.

So here is a little something from the owner: “Loki what are you doing? Loki! Are you stuck?!” Jennifer can be heard saying in the video. Loki was completely fine and finally got out of his predicament by wriggling out of the hole and dropping to the floor. “There’s never a dull moment at ours! We’ve got cats in holes, a dog, bunnies, a turtle, fish, and a chinchilla!” Jennifer explained to Newsflare.

This is one of the most hilarious cat videos we’ve seen! Make sure to take a look and burst out laughing!

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