Disobedient Dog is Hilarious

Source: Rumble / PORKCHOPschannel

Meet Porkchop. He plays by his own rules. This doggy isn’t going to be bossed around by just anyone. He likes to do things when and where he wants to. This makes for one seriously frustrated pet owner and several thousand happy video viewers. Thankfully, we are the latter and this is absolutely hilarious.

Watch it for yourself and we are sure you will agree. The little bulldog just doesn’t want to follow orders and although his owner is dismayed, the dog just isn’t bothered. This dog reminds us of the famous words of Joe Peschi ‘I ain’t no clown.’

Porkchop may not be the most obedient pup on the planet, but he is certainly a cutie. We wouldn’t mind owning him and we don’t even mind that he doesn’t obey orders. We would be happy to let Porkchop play by his own rules.


Watch here:

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