Cat Gets Hilariously Stuck Trying to Wriggle Through Narrow Gap on Chair

Source: Rumble

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who love cats and those who despise them. It is not tough to see why, since cats can be quite cunning in their ways, making people believe they can not be trusted. “It takes one to know one”, they say.

And yes, we suppose it is true. Cats have really devious ways and if you can’t find a way to understand them, they may seem scary. But people who do love cats and happen to own at least one of them, can tell you that, when in their own zone, cats are actually clumsy balls of fur on four legs who happen to fall in trouble more often than they lead on.

Take this big guy for example. His name it Niu Juanjuan. He looks like a feline with quite a lot of experience under his belt, if you catch our drift. The puss has a lot on him, it is not difficult to observe that fact. Some might say he is a lazy one, likes to eat and sleep all day long and they might probably be right. How else would he have gotten himself in this sticky situation?

In this hilarious footage, we see clumsy Niu trying to perform some acrobatics from the couch. That chair looks mighty close and, seeing how he is a big boy, it should pose no challenge. Or so he thinks.

See, it seems our hero has no idea just how big he is. So big in fact, that after trying to fit through the narrow gap underneath the hand rest on that chair, he got himself trapped. Cue the hilarity!

Poor Niu’s belly is too big for him to pull through and his hind legs are too short to reach the wicker. His owner is having the time of her day witnessing this! And if you try to judge her, how she let him get stuck like this, instead of helping him so he might not get hurt, think again. Cats get in a world of a trouble all the time and they get out of it every single time. They are naturally immensely resourceful and incredibly flexible, so no matter how chubby they are (unless medically obese, of course) they can just as easily get themselves unstuck. Simple as that.

Don’t believe us? Even Niu Juanjuan managed to get out of his “situation” and then sit on that chair like nothing happened. What a pro!

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