Why You Shouldn’t Exercise Your Dog As You Ride a Bike

Source: The Labrador Site

There are countless benefits of exercising your dog, from burning fat to improving the muscle tone. Exercise will prevent your dog from becoming overweight. Over the recent past, it has become a common sight to see individuals exercising their dog while cycling.

For all the pet lovers here are the reasons against riding your bike while exercising your dog at the same time.

Exercise Patterns

It is easy to forget the welfare of the dog as the thrill of riding your bike increases. Most dogs can hardly keep up with the speed of a bike. Keen behavioral checks while exercising will reveal that they need to stop for a rest, smell, sniff, and have a drink of water.

This behavior of exercising a dog when riding a bike leaves the dog too exhausted to engage in other activities during the day.


The chances that an accident will happen as you exercise your dog while riding your bike are higher than when running alongside it. The extra long leash used during dog exercise when riding a bike is hazardous and can become caught in the wheels or pedals injuring to the dog as well as the rider.

Since the dog can hardly keep up with a bike, it also causes traffic snarl-ups, which can then be the cause of accidents.

Distraction from Fitness Goals

The fitness needs for people and dog are entirely different, and when you are used to cycling for long distances, your dog could be a distraction from your fitness goals since they cannot run as far as you can ride. Instead of having fun as your ride, it becomes more of a chore to ensure that your dog keeps up to the challenge.

Making your dog run along the side of your bike will cause your dog’s heart to be enlarged. This could shorten the life of your dog.

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