Why do shelters spay and neuter cats and dogs before they are adopted?


Take a moment to think about what happens if stray cats and dogs are not neutered or spayed. There is the danger of overpopulation which then has its own problems. Here’s what you need to know:


For the society

Overpopulation is an incredible burden to society and the animal shelters. So many cats and dogs are euthanized every year because of the lack of facilities, help, and people to adopt these animals that are abandoned. If cats and dogs are not neutered before they are adopted, there is a danger of contributing to unwanted animals.


Abandoned and stray cats and dogs transmit diseases, become wild and can attack or bite other animals or humans. Neutering and spaying helps in the fight against overpopulation.

For the animals

Neutering and spaying cats and dogs give them a healthier life. For female and the male species, a spayed or neutered cat is spared the howling and trouble they go through during heat. A spayed female dog is also cleaner because there is no discharge during the heat cycle. The neutered and spayed cats and dogs are at less risk for cancer, bladder and uterine infections, genital cancer, and other diseases.


Male dogs are spared the unwanted aggression that comes from sexual behaviours. The lack of aggression also helps multiple dogs in one household or shelter to get along with each other more quietly. Neutered males are at no risk of testicular cancer and are at decreased risk of perianal tumours.


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