What physical characteristics are a hazard to bulldogs and pugs?

Dog owners need to be aware of the physical characteristics of all “flat-faced” dogs and why there may be health hazards.


Pugs and bulldogs have been selectively bred. This is has gone to such an extreme now that certain physical characteristics has become a health hazard for these poor canines. The distress is so great that the dogs can’t help but act abnormally. They are suffering and now, thankfully, there are better standards to prevent this kind of thing from happening.


If you were hoping to get a bulldog or a pug, you must consider all the health problems they will have. For example, the flat nose causes them to have severe breathing problems. There’s also the possibility of sore and inflamed eyes.


If you were looking to adopt a pet, consider a healthier breed. This is a proactive measure. Dog rescue agencies frequently report that owners surrender these dogs because they just can’t handle the expense of recurring vet bills. The health problems are often severe and the dogs are in need of frequent medical attention to relieve the poor creatures of their pain and anxiety.


Flat-nosed canines need surgeries to help them with their breathing difficulties. Brachycephalic syndrome is another disease related to breathing for dogs with narrow nasal openings.


When pugs and bulldogs sleep, they usually snore loudly and it’s disturbing to everyone in the house. It’s not just a small population, almost all flat-nosed dogs have breathing problems and snore loudly.


Other physical characteristics like shallow eye pockets cause eye problems. The many fold in the skin lead to fungal infections and inverted eyelids.




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