Training Your Dog to go to the Bathroom Outside

Source: Midwest Animal Rescue

Got a new dog for the family to enjoy, huh? That’s great news! You will have tons of fun playing … UNTIL … she pees or poops inside the house! Now what? Well, if you can’t take the “mess” then train your dog to do his business outside.

Here are some tips to help you out!

BE CONSISTENT with the training process. Actually, there are two important steps here.

First, come up with a pee/poop command and use the command consistently. You can use ‘poop time’ or ‘pee time’ as the command. Use it every time you take her outside. Using just one command will make things easier for the dog.

Second, take her outside at the same time every day. Normally, dogs poop in the morning. So, take the dog out early in the morning, around six or so, and show her the poop area. For the first few weeks you might need to use a leash to guide your dog where to go. After a week or so, give the command and see if she will go to the same spot by herself. Put the leash on, but don’t use it just yet. If she won’t go to the same spot, then use the leash to guide her to the right area. Finally, after another week or so, just give her the command and open the door. By this time she’ll know where to go.

During the training period, REWARD your dog every time she follows the command. Giving her some treats is nice, but a “Good dog!” comment from you will do just fine. Let her know she did a great job.

If you want a no-mess inside the house dog, you have to BE VERY PATIENT when training her. Scolding or spanking the dog when she makes a ‘mistake’ won’t solve the problem. It will only make her tense and aggressive. It will take weeks to make her follow your poop/pee command so get ready for some more ‘surprises’ along the way! Don’t worry, if YOU know what you’re doing, she will learn! Promise!
Life with a dog is easy yet hard. It is really all up to you. Train your dog early so you can let her stay inside the house any time. It is best if she also knows other commands like – sit, stay, come, etc. Just remember the training tips – Be consistent, reward and have a lot of patience! That’s all to it!

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