Three dog breeds that need a lot of exercise


Your pet is an extension of the family and a part of your household. Sometimes a couple of walks per week or throwing a stick in the yard for it to catch are not enough exercise. If you were wondering which dog can be your fitness partner or which dogs to avoid because they need a lot of exercises then you need to know these breeds.

Jack Russell Terrier

This breed is tireless. They are small but they are always full of energy. If you need a fitness companion, then a Jack Russell is your go-to dog. Just be sure to take them out and let them run and exercise or they will exhaust all their pent up energy by gnawing on your furniture! This breed is known for their hunting skills, so if you are not engaging them with a play of catch or chase, they will be off to find small creatures.

Labrador Retriever

As the world’s best dog to own and the easiest to train, these dogs are great if you want a companion for fishing, hunting, or hiking. They are always enthusiastic to try new things. They are people pleasers too and that’s why makes them easy to train.


This Hungarian breed loves getting out and is best for long-distance running. They also make great partners for hiking or hunting activities. This dog loves sprinting and is tireless. If you have a good bond with this pet, they are easy to train and you can enjoy their retrieving characteristics.

No matter which dog you have, they all need exercise to spend their extra energy and stay fit.

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