Three dog breeds that are easy to train


Easy to train dogs are a dream! A pet is part of your family and are an added responsibility. You need the right techniques and persistence to train your dog so that your relationship gets a boost among many other benefits that come with a trained dog around the household.


This breed takes the number one spot. These puppies are born to please, are extremely friendly and accepting of new people. You can teach this dog basic commands at the puppy stage and train them easily to the leash. Consider advanced training for this active dog and reward them for positive behaviour.

German Shepherd

As it is true for training any dog, consistency is key to training a German Shepherd. This breed is a pack animal. So this dog needs a leader and you are it. You can begin training as early as 2 months old and remember to reward good behavior with positive comments or treats. Giving your dog time to exercise every day is good training. It allows the dog to become socialized and exercise good behaviour.

Golden Retriever

Just like the Labradors, Golden Retrievers also like to please people. These dogs are known for their gentle temperaments and they are easy to have around children which make them great as family dogs! This breed is so popular for companionship, they are often trained to help handicapped people, and for search and rescue programs. The breed originates in Scotland and was bred with a Tweed Water Spaniel which no longer exists.



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