Swift Current, Saskatchewan-Dog Rescued by Firemen from Frozen Creek

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition

Denis Pilon, who is the Saskatchewan’s Swift Current Fire Department’s Fire Chief, posted a video of members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and firemen saving a dog that fell through the ice on a frozen creek.

Before falling through the ice, the dog was off his leash and running around the frozen creek. Luckily for the dog, the fire department arrived very quickly to the scene, and one of the firefighters went over the creek to save the dog. However, when the firefighter got near the poor dog, due to the weight of the man, the ice broke again sending both the man and the dog deeper into the freezing water. The firefighter still managed to grab the dog, after which the remaining members of the team pulled both the man and the dog across the ice to safety.

Denis, the man who posted this video, stated that the purpose of this video was not to show the heroic act but to make people realize that they should keep their kids and pets away from frozen lakes, rivers, and creeks.

He also said that people need to keep in mind that there are different ice thicknesses. In order for someone to safely walk across the ice, there should be at least 10 cm of thickness, or double if you want to go over the ice with a snowmobile, and 30 cm for a car, and for a truck, the ice should be over 30 cm thick.

Keep this in mind the next time you want to go across a frozen river or a lake.




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