Jaxon the Pug saves family and becomes a hero of Meridian, Idaho

Source: Life With Dogs

Jaxon, the super pug was recently honored for his heroic act. He saved his owner, his family, and their home from catching fire. The whole city got together to honor him as the “hometown Hero”.

Jaxon is an 11-year old pug owned by Mikaela Sebree and Todd Lavoie. He saved the family from a potential fire and became a hero of Meridian, Idaho.

Jaxon came to the rescue when he alerted the family with his incessant barking indicating that something was wrong. An electrical plug had short-circuited and there were sparks coming out of the outlet.

Jaxon’s owners were unaware of the sparks until they heard Jaxon barking his special bark. The couple said that Jaxon has two kinds of barks – one signalling that someone is at the door, and the other alerting the family if something is wrong. It was the second bark that made the couple take notice and rush to the scene.

Todd saw the sparks and immediately used a fire extinguisher.

The couple were thankful for Jaxon because if it wasn’t for him, the sparks could have potentially started a fire. According to reports from the fire department of Meridian, if the sparks were not extinguished in time, the fire would have caused serious damage to the attic and the house.

That is why Jaxon, apart from receiving the “Hometown hero” award, also got an official probationary fire-fighter badge. This badge is a slick silver one that goes around his collar.

Todd says Jaxon totally deserved the honor for saving his home and his family.

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