Jasmine becomes foster mom to 50 animals at the UK Wildlife Sanctuary

Source: Wikimedia / BJ40509

This is the amazing story of a rescued Greyhound that became a foster mom to more than 50 animals. She was rescued at the UK Wildlife Sanctuary. When she got there, she was in desperate need of love. Once Jasmine got back to her feet, she would give back in an unimaginable way.
In 2008, she became the surrogate mother to a 50th animal, a roe deer fawn that was found semi-conscious in a nearby field. She would cuddle up with him to provide warmth and affection.
Her Story
Jasmine was brought by the police to the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary in 2003. She was filthy, cold, and malnourished. It took rescuers a couple of weeks to help her get back on her four legs. Once she had recovered, it seemed like it was natural for her to simply show the same kindness she was shown back to others. This is how she became a foster mom to little strays.
A Dedicated Foster Mom
Five years after her rescue, Jasmine already had an impressive resume. She had cared for five fox cubs, four badger cubs, 15 chicks, 8 guinea pigs, 2 stray puppies, and 15 rabbits. Definitively impressive!

Geoff Grewcock, who ran the sanctuary said, “She simply dotes on the animals as if they were her own, it’s incredible to see.”
‘She takes all the stress out of them and it helps them to not only feel close to her but to settle into their new surroundings”, Grewcock continued. “As soon as an animal is brought in, she walks over takes a sniff or two and then licks and cuddles them. It is quite amazing, particularly as she is a greyhound breed and they are usually quite stand-offish.”

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