How to Train Your Dog to Follow Commands

Source: The Spruce

 Is your best friend drooling all over the place? Or maybe eating your most expensive shoe?!

Yap, I am talking about your canine pal! We love them to bits, but when they start to destroy things, we would love to do something else to them! You know what I mean, right!?

Kidding aside, if you don’t want any stress, start training them as soon as you can. Here are some ideas on how to train your little buddy:

1. Start young – It’s easy to train your pet while they are just a pup. They seem to grasp the command after a few tries. But, of course, that does not mean you give up on older dogs; they just need a little more time and training!

2. Use their name often – Hearing their name plus the command will make things easier for your dog. Make sure the name and the phrase are simple enough that they can understand that they are receiving an order.

3. Start simple – When we try to learn something new, we start slow and simple, right? It is the same thing with dog training. Commands like ‘Sit’ or ‘Stay’ are a good start. Once they know it, you can move to more ‘complicated’ commands because they will know the drill.

4. ‘Praise’ them with doggie treats – If your pup follows a command, give them a nice pat and some doggie treats as a reward for their work and understanding. After a few of those positive responses, your dog will love to do the new ‘tricks’ because they will know what happens after they do what they are told! Select healthy treats for this routine, as they may be gobbling up quite a bit!

5. The firm NO – To train your dog to stop chewing and destroying your belongings, you need to catch him or her in action. Don’t discipline the dog when she is not doing anything because they won’t understand what you are upset about. When you see your dog chewing on something, take the item, firmly say ‘No’ with eye contact and replace it with a safe chew toy. Make sure you are consistent with this ‘exchange deal’ so that the dog understands that your things are off-limits.

That’s it, five guidelines to train your bundle of joy! It is important to stay patient and to not give up on your friend when it comes to dog training. “Be a responsible dog owner” is not just a motto that would look great on a bumper sticker. You MUST be responsible! Provide for them AND train them so they won’t become a nuisance or a threat!

But don’t worry, after the training it’s all cuddling, playing and having fun!

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