How to Potty Train your Dog

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Start Potty Training as Early as Possible

Ideally, it is recommended that you start the potty training on the first day the puppy comes home. On the first day, as soon as you bring the puppy home, introduce it to the sleeping area and then put it on a leash and take it to the place where you want it to relieve itself. However, if you have missed the first day, then you can simply start as early as possible.

Pick a Command

Pick a command through which you can direct your puppy to potty, for example, ‘do potty’, and ‘go potty’ or anything else that works well for you. Let the dog explore the potty area while you constantly repeat the potty command. This will establish an understanding that the command is to lead him to the potty area.

Also, when the puppy starts relieving itself, keep repeating the command softly and once the business is complete, praise and caress the dog well to let it know that it has done a good job.

Following the Schedule is Important

Dogs are creatures of habit and hence, having an organized schedule will help in training them faster. Keep a fixed time for everything such as food, walk, and potty. Especially in the mornings, strictly avoid praising or greeting your puppy before it finishes its potty business.

This will develop a sense of routine in them. Also, after every successful task, praise the puppy well and maybe even reward with a treat. This way the puppy will know what to do in order to get praised.

Use the Same Path Every Time

Whenever you are taking your puppy to the potty area, make sure to use the same path every single time. This will create a regular pattern for your puppy and it will understand that it is potty time while going down the same path.

Buy a Dog Crate

Each and every dog has a natural instinct to keep their bed clean. With a dog crate, you can use this natural instinct as an advantage to help the puppy develop bowel and bladder control. However, while buying the crate, make sure that there is enough room for the puppy to lie down and get comfortable sleep. If you are not sure about which options is better for your dog check out the best dog beds review to make sure that you are choosing the best for your puppy.

Be Patient

Mistakes and accidents can happen, but it is your responsibility to be patient and consistent with your dog’s training. Whenever a potty accident happens, handle it carefully and make sure not to punish your dog. After all, these mistakes could be the result of your own inconsistent training.

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