How to Care for a Pregnant Dog

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Your favorite, beloved pet is going through the experience of pregnancy and you truly wish to care for her needs in order for her to give birth to strong, energetic puppies. This is a crucial period for your dog, especially if it’s the first time she is pregnant. So, do make sure to take measures in order to maintain your pet’s health and further support the health of the future puppies. Just keep on reading!

Pay Special Attention to Your Dog’s Dietary Needs

During this period of time, it is necessary to cater to your pet’s special dietary needs. You should feed her larger portions of food; especially after week 6 of gravidity, the food intake should be raised by 10 percent. Make sure to offer it an accurate, nutritious, well-balanced diet.

However, don’t assume your dog urgently needs vitamin and mineral intake (such as calcium) and give it to her without your vet’s recommendation. You should do this only if your vet believes it is necessary. Bear that in mind. In the last 14 days of pregnancy, it is calcium is discouraged.

Rest assured, if you feed your pet high-quality nutritious food, she will be getting the proper amount of calcium.

If your pet needs to gain weight and is rather slim, try feeding it puppy food. Nonetheless, you should stop the puppy food intake 10 days before the assumed whelping date. After the pups are finally born, you may resume feeding the mother puppy food, which will help with the recovery of her uterus.

Getting Ready for the Birth

It is really important to keep an accurate record of your pet’s first breeding. Make sure to note 56 days from the first pregnancy and keep attentive count. Approximately 15 days before the estimated birth date, you ought to take the rectal temperature of the mother in order to determine the very day the big event is going to happen. Your pet’s temperature will significantly diminish 24 hours before actually giving birth.

Make proper arrangements to offer your pet an appropriate whelping box, which you may purchase in a pet shop or build yourself.

The Actual Birth

Two weeks before the birth, you ought to take your pet to the vet for a health evaluation in order to determine the existence of potential risks. If however, the mother is healthy and strong, get ready for whelping by having prepared the following:

  • Warm water for washing the mother after having given birth;
  • Have a pair of gloves because you must assist the birth (a pup might get stuck on the way);
  • Sterilized scissors in case of complications (to cut down the umbilical cord);
  • A scale for weighing the newly-born pups;

After this challenging experience has passed and everybody’s alive and well, provide the mother with fresh, clean water to get hydrated after such an effort. Clean her rear using some warm water and a dry cloth. And get prepared for welcoming a new set of cute, chubby puppies into your family! Quiet time will soon be forgotten, but that’s quite ok when you have so many fluffy miracles in your life!

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