How much attention does your pet need?

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Having a pet is a great challenge. It needs an understanding of this responsibility. Maybe you do not spend much time at home and leave your pet alone for long periods.

Dogs are social animals and need a lot of time and attention. They love having company. They live between 8 years and 15 years, which means that for a long period they will be your sincere companions and will require your attention.

If your dog is not given enough time, you will notice strange behaviors.
Understanding accurately what is in your dog’s head is not an easy challenge. However, when a dog gets bored and needs much more time from you it adopts particular and obvious behavior.
Dog behavior expresses a real request for attention that can sometimes hide a state of stress or frustration. Therefore, if your dog opts one of the following behaviors run to play with it and give it more time.

If you noticed that, the dog starts biting everything for fun, pillows, clothes, mattresses, and any fabrics.
Or clinging desperately to your pants, it’s trying to tell you something. Help it release its energy by playing and running.
When a dog has too much energy, it needs an outlet valve to get rid of, so it is normal for it to pounce on anything and destroying everything from furniture to cushions, shoes, and socks.

Barking at you
If your dog continues to bark at you, it is easy to be a sign of boredom. Or it is trying to tell you something, for example, that it wants to play or that it wants your attention.

Licking itself
If your dog continues to lick itself, it is probably just looking for amusement so as not to get bored but it is time to reflect and understand how much time goes by getting bored, surely too much, or if there are things that cause anxiety and stress. Help your dog to exclude them from its life.

Biting and chasing its tail
When your dog bites its tail or continues to chase its tail, infinitely. So it is a symptom of a problem. This behavior, especially if the dog is an adult, is an indication of serious disorders usually caused by boredom, inactivity, and stress. In some cases, however, it is a neurological problem. In addition, you need to talk to your vet as soon as possible.

Kittens or cats
Cats are social animals and love attention. Although most cats do not require the same attention as the dogs, they still need to play and caress every day. Spending time each day with your kitten can make it a happy cat.
Care for cats requires food, toys, and veterinary care. In addition, cats can live up to 15 years or more, so you should be ready to commit to providing your cat with all the necessities for a long time.

How can you give more time to your pet?
Organize your time and get rid of some habits that take hours, like TV or mobile, spend time playing with your pet.

Wake up a little earlier before going to work to go for a walk in the morning and this will strengthen your relationship.

Brush its hair, give it a bath, and clean it.

Devote time to educate your pet what can do or cannot do. So it is important for your pet having emotions and education.

Taking care of your pet’s health is the most important thing. Take it to your veterinarian and make sure it is in good health.

Buy a toy for your pet that it needs to have fun.

Your pet deserves the best. Enjoy time with your pet and make your life integral as you deserve.

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