Five things that are essential to train your dog to do and why

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There are many skills your puppy should learn in order to have a good, fun, and safe life. The responsibility to teach those skills falls to you, the dog’s owner, and caretaker. Most of these skills are on everyone’s list of fundamental skills and “tricks” for your dog to know.

Your Puppy’s name:

The very first thing you should teach your dog is its name. It is easily the most important because during the training process, you’re going to need your puppy to look at you on multiple occasions. This also works just like “come”, as they’ll more than likely begin to approach you as well.


The next thing they need to know is “yes”. It is a highly important signal. You teach the puppy yes from day one, simply by using it. As the puppy begins associating it to your body language, they’ll eventually pick up on what it means.


Just as important as “yes”, “no” teaches the puppy to stop doing whatever it is they’re currently doing. You teach it to them by saying it whenever they do something you don’t want, by saying “No!” in a firm, strong voice. Do not yell; you don’t want your puppy being afraid of you, but you want them to obey you.


Fetch is a very good trick to teach your puppy. At any age, it provides the fastest and easiest way to burn off a dog’s excess energy. You have them running back and forth for an hour and they’ll be plenty tuckered out. A reliable fetch is definitely an essential tool for a dog owner, especially for those high energy pups.


The final essential command is “stay”. It can help you in so many different situations. It can prevent them running away from you when you open the door, straying onto the street, or entering a dangerous situation.

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