How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Obese or Just Chubby?


Obesity is one of the issues faced by dog owners all over the world. Almost 25 percent of dogs are overweight. The problem is that people don’t know if their dog is just chubby or obese. Obesity can lead to health conditions that can shorten your dog’s life. That’s why it is important to ensure that your dog is not overweight.


Check the Appearance


You can determine if the dog is obese by its appearance. You can start by checking its ribs. Press down on the rib cage and feel the ribs. If you feel the ribs without trouble, then your dog is not fat. However, if you feel a thick layer of fat, then the dog is probably obese.


You should also touch your pet’s shoulders, hips, and spine. Just like the ribs, the dog is not obese if there is only a thin layer of fat covering these parts. Check the base of the tail. If it has a fat deposit and you can’t feel the base, then your dog is overweight.


The waist of the dog can also determine whether one is obese or just chubby. If the dog has no visible waist, then your dog is overweight. When the waist of the dog is wide, it is a definite sign of obesity.


Another way to find out if your dog is obese is through its abdomen. If you run your hand along the bottom of the rib cage going to the abdomen and it curves up to the back, then the dog has an abdominal tuck. If the hand goes straight, then there’s no abdomen tuck and the dog is likely obese.


You should not use only the dog’s weight as a basis for whether it is obese or not. These are several factors to consider including the dog’s body build, sex, and height. If you think that your dog is obese, get advice from Veterinary Naturals, they will do a thorough checkup and provide the right weight-loss program for your dog.

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