Can your dog donate blood?


Dogs can’t donate blood for humans. They don’t share the same blood “categories” as humans do. However, they can certainly donate blood for other dogs. They can donate blood up to 6 times per year.

It’s virtually painless and they don’t even realize they’re giving blood. Most places will use a local anesthetic to avoid discomfort and any pain from the blood being drawn.

There’s plenty of things you can do to ease the process for your dog and make them as comfortable as possible during the donation. A new experience for your dog can be naturally upsetting, just like for humans. The key to success with your dog is preparation, and reading through the training guides so you know what to expect.

Because of it being a new experience, some dogs can get very restless their first time donating especially if they’re young or naturally fidgety. Often, dogs are much calmer during their second donation because they’re more familiar with the process.

It is very important for both your dog’s health and that of the recipient that your dog is healthy and not on any medication. If your pup has been sick recently, but on no medication and back to full health, it is perfectly acceptable for them to donate. The exception is if the dog is given eye drops for dry eyes. An arthritic dog is able to donate as well, so long as they’re not on any medication.

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