Bichon Frise “Flynn” Top Winner at Westminster Kennel Club Show


The top dog at the recent Westminster Kennel Club Show is a Bichon Frise named Flynn. The decision to name Flynn as Best in Show surprised almost everyone in attendance. He won over Lucy the Borzoi and Biggie the pug, just to name a few of the favorites.

Flynn’s handler Bill McFadden said that he didn’t expect to win anything, and he only hoped for a good performance from the Bichon Frise. Ty the giant schnauzer was the top show dog last year at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. He finished as runner-up this year. Ty won the working group earlier and people expected him to be the top winner as well.

Flynn is almost six years old and his Best in Show win is his 42nd victory. It might also be his last dog show before retiring. The other Bichon Frise to win was JR, who won in 2001. Aside from Flynn, McFadden also handled Mick the Kerry Blue terrier who won Best in Show in 2003.

Prestigious Dog Show

The winner at the Westminster Kennel Club Show does not win prize money. Instead, they get lucrative breeding fees, a silver bowl, and precious memories. After winning the show, Flynn is busy with morning TV show guesting, a trip to the Empire State Building, and lunch at Sardi’s.

The Westminster Kennel Club Show was first held in 1877. It featured gun dogs owned by hunters who used to hang out at the Westminster Hotel. The Westminster Kennel Club was the first club to be part of the American Kennel Club Association. This year, there were 2,880 dogs from more than 200 varieties and breeds.

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