Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

According to veterinarians, any dog over seven years old is a senior dog. People often seek to adopt cute tiny puppies because they think that there is a problem with the senior dog at a shelter. This is not usually the case. Several reasons could contribute to this and most are not the dog’s fault. It could be that the previous owner died, the owner lost their job, a work schedule that will not allow the owner time to look after the dog, someone developed allergies or even a newborn has arrived in the house.

Senior dogs end up living out most of their lives in a shelter because of the flawed misconception that only puppies are suitable for adoption. Here are some benefits of adopting a senior dog that could change your mind.

Senior dogs are already house-friendly.

You need to potty-train a puppy and end up having dirty rugs and patches on the carpet and furniture from time to time. Senior dogs arrive already house friendly. You do not have to worry about all those messes that your dog could make because it has not been house-broken.

Fewer food requirements and exercise

If you prefer beautiful quiet walks and relaxation on the couch, then a senior dog is just the pet for you. Puppies come with a higher exercise requirement, and it could get tiresome.

Senior dogs tend to require less food as compared to their puppy counterparts. This is mainly because they are finished growing up. You will save a lot on dog food.

Adult dogs know instructions

This might just be one of the most rewarding reasons for adopting a senior dog. The older dog already knows how to be obedient and obey most commands, and to have appropriate social interactions with other people and dogs. This makes most of your work already done for you.

Above all, senior dogs make ideal companions. They need your companionship, and they want to offer that as well. Next time you decide to open your home to a pet, consider a senior dog.

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