3 breeds of British dogs that are facing extinction and why

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British native dogs are in danger of extinction in the UK and the reasons are a bit unsettling. The main reason is that native breeds are being overlooked in lieu of more favored imports, such as the Chihuahua. British dog lovers simply do not find native British breeds as fashionable. When we mention the name of three of them you will also wonder why.

There are currently 220 registered breeds in the UK right now.  The top six from this list comprise more registrations than the other 214 all together. These are the Labrador, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, English Springer Spaniel, and English Bulldog.

The Kennel Club warned that last year only 28 Skye Terriers and 40 Otterhounds were registered. These native breeds are simply being forgotten.  People have made breeds, such as the Bloodhound and the Otterhound simply unfashionable. The Kennel Club has published a list of 36 endangered dog breeds.

The Otterhound, a fluffy, medium-sized dog, is the most endangered breed with only 24 puppies registered last year. The worst part is that there is not much chance that this breed will increase in population.

The second on this dreary list is the Skye terrier. When you look at this terrier, all you think is super cute.  This puppy is an adorable and fluffy little creature that grows to have an amazing coat.  They are loyal, fierce, and really good hunters. In fact, back in the earlier days, they were used as hunting dogs. Only 40 of these puppies were registered last year.

Our third one is the Glen of Imaal Terrier, a mighty and majestic medium-sized dog.  This brave and dependable dog has had only 48 puppies registered in 2017.

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