Why was Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo of Sakura Cat Best of Breed in China


Think of a Persian cat and add a hundred percent of adorability to the mix and you get Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo. She was named the “Best Kitten in China” at the recent Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) competition held on July 1 in Chicago. The association honours top cats of the year. This year, Joycat took the crown and you won’t believe the reasons why.


The association hosts cats of all different sizes, shapes, and looks. Some are furry, other not so much. There is absolutely no similarity between the contestants and that’s why it’s important to know what made this Sakura cat win.


There are 42 different cat breeds that the CFA recognises. Each cat has to be a domestic cat. CFA also recognises selective breeds and have universal standards by which to follow. Each breed is checked for standards against length, coat colour, head shape, and other attributes specific to that breed.


The point system measures each cat against the standards of its breed. For example, the Sphinx cats are measured against the large eye length standard.


One reason for Joycat to be chosen as the “Top Cat” of the year is not that it exceeded the standards for its breed, but because of the judge’s sense of an interesting aura of the cat. An aura is the extra characteristic and the deciding factor to win the prize. The judges look for that rewarding look.


Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo is essentially a tabby with brown patches and is a female cat. Her owner is Kaipei Huang who lives in Nanjing Jiangsu China.



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