Why Is It Important To Groom Your Cat?

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Considering the hours your cat spends licking itself and their dislike for baths, most cat owners leave the grooming of their feline companions to the cat. While many cats are very careful to ensure their coats are smooth and glossy, they can still benefit from a regular grooming from their human family members.

Regular grooming is an important aspect of pet ownership and even short haired cats should be brushed on a weekly basis. The act of merely brushing your cat carries with it many important aspects such as:

  • Improved circulation for your cat
  • A regular way to check your cat over for new lumps, bumps or sores
  • A way of bonding with your feline friend
  • Removal of dead hairs
  • Prevention of hair matting

While most of those are niceties, the removal of dead hair will help your cat in two ways. It will prevent hairballs, which can cause gastrointestinal issues, and it can also prevent hair matting. While most cats will not end up matted, long haired cats such as Maine Coons, Persians and Himalayans, particularly those that are overweight, sometimes have issues grooming their whole body. This leads to matting which is both unpleasant looking and also carries with it a series of medical issues.

Another important aspect of grooming a cat is to keep their nails trimmed. By keeping their nails short, they are less likely to hurt you or to tear up your furniture as they look for a way to dull their nails.

In all, grooming your cat regularly provides benefits not only for your cat but for you as well. Grooming is a major social aspect of feline life and cats will often come running when they see their brush, purring as you groom them and get rid of their dead hair and your stress.

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