The Pros and Cons of Declawing Your Cat

Source: Niagara Falls Reporter

Declawing your cat helps in the control of behavioral issues like scratching furniture, children, walls etc. The procedure includes the removal of the cat’s third and final toe bones.

Here are the pros and cons of declawing your cat.


Improve Home Life

Cat owners with blood disorders and suppressed immune systems are in danger of infections. Not only can the claws break the skin, but the claws can harbor bacteria with harmful effects to the cat owner. It also improves behavior in the home reducing the habit of scratching furniture, walls, and carpets.

Medical Reasons

For medical reasons, there is cause for declawing. A veterinarian will only rarely suggest declawing to treat cancerous growths and advanced nail disorders.


Chronic Pain

After the declawing operation, the cat experiences extreme pain that could last for more than a fortnight. The chronic pain alters the gait of the cat, making it hard for the cat to walk properly.

When not done properly, the claws have a tendency to grow back causing more pain and discomfort.

Impaired Balance

Claws help a cat maintain its balance. Declawing will require the cat to relearn the process of walking and balancing.

Affiliate complications

During the healing process after the declawing surgery, the wound is susceptible to infections. In places like the litter box, the wound can easily become infected causing a string of more complications. Be sure to treat the wounds after every visit to a litter box or after being outside to prevent infection of the wounds until they heal.

Declawed cats ought to be held indoors to protect them from predators and abusers. This is because their best line of defense and offense is missing. Declawing also makes the cat insecure forcing the cat to resort to biting to protect itself

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