Surrey, England – Cleo, the Calico Cat Saves the Life of Her Owner

Source: The Happy Cat Site

Cleo the Calico Cat becomes the Cat Protection Hero of the Year after she saved the life of her owner Richard Jenkins. He suffered a heart attack while his wife Pauline was still sleeping. Good thing Cleo was by his side. She raised the alarm that woke Pauline. Cleo also stayed by Richard’s side while paramedics arrived and performed emergency measures to keep him alive.


Pauline knew something was wrong when Cleo started running up and down the stairs while meowing loudly. This was far from Cleo’s normal demeanor because the calico cat is usually quiet and calm.


When Pauline followed Cleo upstairs, she found her husband complaining of chest pains. She quickly called emergency services. When the paramedics arrived, they confirmed that Richard was suffering a heart attack and needed immediate emergency treatment.


Cleo is a shy cat who never remains in a room with a stranger. However, she stayed at the side of her owner when paramedics arrived, and never left his side. When Richard recovered and returned from the hospital, Cleo stayed with him on his bed all the time. It was only when Richard was healthy enough to be back on his feet that Cleo also left the bed.


The judge named Cleo as the winner of the Cat Protection Hero of the Year Award because the calico cat overcame her own fear. She chose to be by her owner’s side even when the medics arrived at the scene.


Going from their comfort zone is a rare occurrence among animals. Cats don’t change their habits easily. It goes to show that what Cleo did was special. Her love for her owner allowed her to overcome her own discomfort and made her do things to save the life of her owner.

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