Four of the Worst Foods to Feed Your Cat

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While it can be quite a hassle to have to pick only a certain brand of cat food for your feline companion, it can be a blessing in disguise, especially when there are certain types of food that could potentially be fatal to them.

Below are four of the worst foods that you can ever feed to your cat.

1.      Onion and Chives

Onions and chives are worse for cats than they are for dogs.

It doesn’t matter if you cook them, or if they are powdered or raw. Cats simply just cannot metabolize the toxic allium components found in onion and chives. For this very reason, you’ll want to avoid feeding human baby food to cats. Most contain traces of onion powder which can cause anemia in cats.

2.      Uncooked Eggs

Eggs contain a lot of protein, which generally is good for any living being. If you feed it to your cat, make sure that it’s cooked first and don’t do it often. Raw eggs can expose them to salmonella and other similar parasites. This can lead to pancreatitis.

3.      Bones

Bones can break and cause cats to choke. They can also block the intestinal tract and possibly cause internal damage. As a rule of thumb, if it’s hard as your cat’s teeth, don’t feed it to them. Your cat can also suffer from dental fractures from eating something so hard.

4.      Milk

Cats love milk, but as they grow older, they become lactose intolerant to some extent and can suffer from upset stomach and diarrhea when fed milk.

There are plenty more types of food that aren’t good for your feline friend, but these four are definitely things that you should avoid feeding them at all costs.

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