Climbing Cat Found In Ridiculous Spot

Source: Rumble

Can somebody tell us what this silly cat is doing on top of the door? We have absolutely no idea. We know kitties are mischievous animals  but there is no accounting for this sort of wild behavior. How did he even get up there?

Our guess is that he is practicing for the 2016 all-cat hide and seek championships. We really do think this guy could be a winner! Well, would you look on top of the door for him? We certainly wouldn’t. Perhaps that cat thinks he is a monkey. That would explain all the climbing.

This little rascal probably doesn’t give his owner a moment’s peace. Climbing up and down the furniture. We doubt his owner minds too much though, because he is an adorable kitty.


Watch here:

Source: Cat chooses to relax in fairly unique location by TheDailyMiro on Rumble

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