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Why a mini potbellied pig makes for a good house pet?

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Companionship is vital to humans. It is second nature for people to seek emotional attachment from either friends or family. While some would rather have human companionship, pets are a way to avoid loneliness and allow you to give love to something.

As everybody has unique tastes, pet preferences are specific to every individual, while others do not like pets of any kind. Some people love potbellied pigs. Animal enthusiasts and experts have outlined the following characteristics that make the potbellied pig a good house pet.


The potbellied pig is largely a social animal. This makes it a good pet to have around the home. Potbellied pigs get bored and restless quickly. As the owner of the pet, you will be required to provide distractions that will combat boredom.

In their natural habitat, potbellied pigs live in a group where they establish a pecking order, maintained by verbal and body language. Thus, the owner needs to determine who the boss in the house is.


Like dogs and other pets, potbellied pigs are quite easy to train due to their high level of intelligence. This trait makes it easy for them to learn tricks and easier to house and leash train.

Their intelligence makes them playful and curious, headstrong and sensitive.

Live Long

With an estimated life expectancy of 12-18 years, potbellied pigs are one of the animals that can live the longest. There have been reports of some potbellied pigs living for more than two decades.

This calls for careful, long term planning for the maintenance of the potbellied pig.

Source potbellied pigs from reputable and experienced breeders. Potbellied pigs need a lot of good quality pig feed and regular hoof trimming. They need to be spayed or neutered, and have access to the outdoors for much-required exercise.

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