Clever Octopus Incredibly Hides Among The Plants

Source: Rumble

Octopus’ intelligence has been a long discussed topic among scientific circles. These eight tentacled geniuses have proven to be the kings of the oceans by their smarts. We’ve seen multiple instances where octopuses are able to open jars just by the use of their extremities, to basically solve any kind of obstacle that stands in their way. They might look funny and interesting, but there is nothing short of terrifying about their jets of ink and their extremely strong tentacles. However it may be, they are a force to be reckoned with.

We all have that special nook in the house that is ours and no one else’s. It is the place we would like to curl ourselves in a ball in and just lay until the end of time, or at least until our problems or the bad weather pass us by. Like us humans, apparently, octopuses seem to have the same habits. Not only that, but nature has built them in such a manner that they are very well disguised and find just the right surroundings in order to perfectly blend in. If one is to go snorkeling and come to close to one of thees creatures they are more then certain that they will not recognize an actual creature molded between the same color environment.

However, we are certain that this is not only the case with octopuses. We happen to have many animals and insect which as a protective mechanism have the same “talent” as this octopus, to blend in and camouflage themselves with their surroundings making their predators job very difficult to hunt them down.

In this video you will clearly see that this human is determined to show you just what that scenery looks like. They get dangerously close to the animal to the extent where you are able to see its eyes wide open, however remaining perfectly still. And just as the picture clears, the octopus makes an incredibly quick escape by pushing itself off the rocks and blowing its black smog out of its tentacles for a more successful escape.

It is not if the human was meaning any harm, however, they are afraid of us and are not willing per say, have any contact what so ever. Maybe some day..

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