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Caring for a pet ferret

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The best gift that you can give your pet ferret is proper care. In order to provide the best care to your pet, you will need to do the following:

Provide companionship

You should spend at least one hour daily with your ferret. One reason why your ferret will not require a lot of companionship as compared to dogs and cats is because he will spend most of his time sleeping. There are many activities that you can engage in together, including playing, training and grooming. Special toys will increase your ferret’s comfort. This is because toys will easily relieve boredom and will allow you to offer a happier and healthier environment.

Provide preventive dental hygiene

Like all pets, regular dental care is essential to the health of your pet ferret. You should always keep in mind that uncontrolled buildup of tartar and plaque can lead to jawbone, tooth and gum diseases. If left untreated, mouth infections can cause your ferret to suffer a physical breakdown due to the spreading of dangerous toxins and bacteria.

In this case, you should regularly brush your ferret’s teeth. In order to minimize gum infection in your pet, you should make sure that the following preventive measures are well taken care of:

  • Clean your pet’s teeth twice weekly
  • Never use toothpaste since it is foamy and can upset his stomach
  • Use a small kitten toothbrush
  • Always hold him by the scruff of his neck

Control parasite

External parasites are very common with ferrets. Such parasites include ticks, ear mites and fleas. Regular grooming is essential since you will get an opportunity to check signs of external parasites. You should always make sure that any product you choose to use on your pet ferret is made specifically for cats or ferrets. Always avoid shampoos, powders and sprays that are meant for dogs since they are too strong for your ferret.

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