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    What physical characteristics are a hazard to bulldogs and pugs?

    Dog owners need to be aware of the physical characteristics of all “flat-faced” dogs and why there may be health hazards.   Pugs and bulldogs have been selectively bred. This is has gone to such an extreme now that certain physical characteristics has become a health hazard for these poor canines. The distress is so […]

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    The Dog with world’s longest tongue

    MOCHI RICKERT The longest tongue on a dog measures 18.58 cm (7.31 in) and belongs to Mochi, a female St. Bernard owned by Carla and Craig Rickert (both USA) and was measured in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. Mochi was rescued by the Rickert family when she was two years old. “We love her unconditionally […]

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    3 things your pet needs to be a social media star

    3 things your pet needs to be a social media star Think your pet has what it takes to become the next internet animal celebrity? Here are a few hints to help you recognize the social media star inside your hairy companion. To make it big, he’ll need a look, a talent, and a brand. […]

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    How can algae be controlled in a fish tank?

    Your fish tank is a closed ecosystem for many living organisms and species. Not all algae are bad algae. If you see it growing on the rocks or driftwood inside the tank, you don’t have to worry about it. That algae is beneficial to the ecosystem since it absorbs extra nutrients and releases oxygen in […]

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    Why was Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo of Sakura Cat Best of Breed in China

    Think of a Persian cat and add a hundred percent of adorability to the mix and you get Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo. She was named the “Best Kitten in China” at the recent Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) competition held on July 1 in Chicago. The association honours top cats of the year. This year, Joycat […]

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    A lioness in Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Conservation Area nurses a leopard cub

    The African Serengeti saw an unexpected and a humbling twist of events where one lone leopard cub was seen suckling a wild lioness. She is a five-year-old lioness now named as “Noisekick” for her kindness to the three-week-old cub.   Such surprising behaviour has mystified wildlife conservationists around the world because never has there been […]

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    What The Cat Does While You’re Away

    Ever wonder what your pet does while you’re away? Well Petty the kitten’s person found out when they looked at their security cameras! Petty made the house her own while she waited for her human to return, and it makes us wonder even more what our little furry friends do when we head out! Watch […]

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    Why do shelters spay and neuter cats and dogs before they are adopted?

    Take a moment to think about what happens if stray cats and dogs are not neutered or spayed. There is the danger of overpopulation which then has its own problems. Here’s what you need to know:   For the society Overpopulation is an incredible burden to society and the animal shelters. So many cats and […]

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    Three dog breeds that are easy to train

    Easy to train dogs are a dream! A pet is part of your family and are an added responsibility. You need the right techniques and persistence to train your dog so that your relationship gets a boost among many other benefits that come with a trained dog around the household. Labrador This breed takes the […]

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    What characteristics make a hedgehog a good pet?

    If you are really interested in having a hedgehog as a pet you will be pleasantly surprised to learn they make good pets. These adorable creatures as also known as “hedgies” and can make good pets for your home.   If you want a pet that makes no noise, the hedgehog is the pet for […]

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    Three pocket-sized pets that are safe for children to own

    Cats and dogs are not the only option for pets. If you feel your children are ready for a pet, you can choose from a variety of options these days. There are many reasons to choose small pets. They are easier to hold and to look after. The pocket-sized pets listed here are safe for […]

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    Cat Easily Scared

    Cats can be so skittish sometimes, don’t you think? And fluffy beauty is no different. Any cat owner knows that some of our favorite furry friends overreact – to the point that they’ll go running for the hills at the simply sound of a doorbell, a footstep or god forbid… the lift of an arm! […]

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    COMPILATION: Funny Dogs Playing With Tiny Humans

    You must know by now that we are CRAZY for pets and their tiny humans. There is nothing sweeter than the look of awe and utter happiness in the eye of a baby when he or she sees their furry pal. Here is a fun compilation of funny dogs playing with their friends! Watch Here: